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Art of Yarn thanks all the knitters who generously donate hours of their time to make the lives of the less fortunate a little happier.  Also a big shout out of thanks to those of you who have donated yarn directly to the knitters or to us to pass forward to them.  Also the ladies at the Women’s Shelter Thrift Store deserve a big thanks.  Many ladies there donate their precious time to co-ordinate this charity and provide Canada Comforts with gently used children’s items that are in excess of what they have room for.

We also want to thank Coast Distributors in Lake Country to deliver all the donated items to Canada Comforts in Victoria.

I am enclosing an update from Canada Comforts to whom we direct any knitted goods or the wonderful gently used children’s items passed forward to us from the Women’s Shelter Thrift Store.

Also a update from The Compassionate Resource Warehouse who distributes the donated items to people in need.

We are so proud to live in a caring community full of people who share of their time and resources with others less fortunate.


Canada Comforts January 2016 Update:

Jan 2016 newsletter page 1

Jan 2016 newsletter page 2

Compassionate Resource Warehouse January 2016 Update:

CRW2016 Newsletter

Compassionate Resource Warehouse - January 2016

CRW2016 Newsletter_Page_2


Canada Comforts Update

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Here is the latest update from Canada Comforts.  Knitted items for the needy of the world are always welcome.  Our charity knitters are always in need of yarn suitable for knitting children’s clothing, hats, scarfs, blankets and other items; if you have any to donate please bring them into the store and we will get it into the hands of knitters.  Thank you for your many contributions.  When we get a van load we drive it down to Victoria and the great volunteers at Canada Comforts sort through the items and make up the shipments to go out in response to direct requests; the goods are transported by Compassionate Resource Warehouse.

Canada Comforts Society
February, 2011

Dear All who are involved with Canada Comforts,
I think this unknown author says it all:

No one can do everything
Everyone can do something
If we all do one thing
We can change the world
….and that is exactly what we are doing, by giving people hope, encouragement and love.

The following is a quote from the Compassionate Resource Warehouse newsletter:
January 2010 started a very busy year with the earthquake in Haiti leaving 300,000 dead, millions homeless, infrastructure destroyed; Tent cities arose out of ashes, a country enmeshed in turmoil
…and then Hurricane Thomas struck; cholera invaded their country and an election occurred that has paralysed the country.

The warehouse (and us) responded by sending 9 containers to this country. In fact during 2010 twenty-nine containers (8’X40’ and 9.5’ high )were loaded – that is almost one every 1.5 weeks (with a few holidays thrown in).

And so the pace has continued, since Jan 2011 up to now we have sent to S.Africa, Moldova, Uganda,
and Thailand. Tanzania, another to Uganda, Philippines, and Zimbabwe are due to go out in the rest of Feb and March. So as you can see we have been very busy indeed, and we can’t keep up with all the requests for children’s items. So please know how valued your contributions are.

The Director of the CRWarehouse, Dell Wergelund, flew over to Haiti to supervise the arrival and distribution of the last (9th) Haitian container that was sent. This was when the cholera had appeared on the scene. She visited hospitals and medical teams and saw our bandages, washcloths, and blankets being used, but was not allowed to take any pictures. Thankfully, however, she was allowed to take the enclosed picture of this orphanage (one of the few places that is much better after the earthquake. The children were wearing clothing we had sent. Note the flag on the pocket of the middle child. Someone in Canada Comforts sewed that garment.

TELEPHONE Please leave a message if you are telephoning me. We are absolutely swamped with telemarketers (most wanting to run our charity, or the finances). They can’t fathom the concept that our Society is run by volunteers! There are times when the phone doesn’t stop ringing, but I will gladly pick-up if I know it is not another telemarketer.

Chris Richter is no longer at Coast Distributors in Surrey, BC. So on your bill of lading when you are sending to the Manitoulin Transport Depot in Delta, please put For Canada Comforts, c/o Coast Distributors, Reese at 604-345-0423. When your parcels arrive, Rose at Manitoulin Transport will phone Reese and he will come and get your parcels and truck them over to the Island. We are indebted to Rose and Reese, two people whom I have never met, but have been such a tremendous help with this project for chilldren.

Here are the instructions for how and where to donate:

ATTACH YOUR NAME. At some of the drop-offs on the BC mainland, your articles are combined with others so that as much as possible can be brought over to the Island in one trip. These drop-off people are transporting at their own expense, and travel to the Island is expensive. So please attach your name and phone # or email address to two or three of your garments, so I know who to thank, and know who is an active participant, and who should be on our mailing list.

OUR MANDATE with the Government of Canada. It has been brought to our attention that we are
only allowed to send items that have official customs clearance, and that goods have been officially requested by organizations working in the field. Although this regulation may seem a little harsh, it makes for a more secure handling of goods through customs, and your items get to the designated poor and handed out with dignity. Even though we are all volunteers, a registered Charity is a non-profit business and must be run by the business rules laid down by our Government.

QUESTIONS I have been asked: 

Dresses – The pattern was designed from requests and feed back received from the field. The larger arm holes are for ventilation from the heat in the day, and able to wear a t- shirt etc underneath the dress when it gets cold at night. So please from now on do not alter our pattern since it was designed for this specific purpose. However, it’s OK to use a totally different pattern, since it could work in different circumstances.

Blankets – Here is a guide that we use. Baby=40in.X40in. Crib=45inX60in. Single Bed= 60inX72in.

What do we need the most? With the containers going out so quickly, we can’t keep up with any of the requests. So, whatever you like making will be very welcome indeed. You can use any pattern you wish, making anything from newborns up to teens. The only one of our patterns we would like you to follow is the bag patterns designed for landmine victims who have their hands blown off. If you haven’t a pattern, and wish to sew bags, please ask for one. Also if you are sewing bags PLEASE follow the pattern. The bag must flop open, and there must be enough room in the casing for the ties to move very easily. We will thread the bags at our workshop here in Victoria. We use nylotex which is easy for the children to pull, and we use two different colours so a child knows which colour to put in his/hers mouth to close the bag. Nylotex is no longer manufactured, so we glean the second-hand stores for any. (Remember, we used to cover our coat hangers with it many years ago.)

Dell Wergelund sends me the reports that she receives back after each shipment has reached its destination and the goods have been distributed. Please know that you are appreciated and loved. The thought that someone in Canada has actually made something for their child, brings such hope to the parent or caregiver.

We are able to go far because we walk together …………African proverb.

Sylvia Hatfield coordinator Marguerite Swallow Sec/Treas
1 250 474-4614 1 250 642 4354
1185 Wychbury Ave 5024 Glinz Lake Rd note change in address
Victoria BC V9A 5L1 Sooke, BC V9Z 0E3


COMOX: United Church attention Doug Hoon 250-339-0816
Margaret Johnson 2043 William Place 250-339-7106

LANTZVILLE: Coast Distributors 6855 Mart Road 250-390-3187

DUNCAN: Val & Bob Major 250-746-6236

COLWOOD: Church of the Advent attention Kathy Middleton 250-474-3031
Corner of Sooke and Mount View Roads 9:30-12:00 M-F
Driveway behind the Shell gas station

VICTORIA: Sawyers Sewing 3400 Douglas St 250-388-6228

Warehouse #2 831 Devonshire Rd 250-381-4483
(Wed and Fri only 10:00 – 3:30)

Lumber World truck outside store last Sat. in month

Hatfields Home 1185 Wychbury Ave 250-474-4614

PLEASE NOTE all these drop-offs are for Canada Comforts items only. (CHILDREN’S ITEMS, BLANKETS, WASH CLOTHS, FABRIC, AND KNITTING YARN. ONLY) All other items for the Compassionate Warehouse should only be dropped off at the Lantzville Warehouse, the Victoria Warehouse, or last Saturday of the month at Lumber World . If this rule is not kept, all other drop-offs will cease, because they cannot cope with all the Warehouse items.

Also, please put your name (include your last name) and phone number and email, if you have one, inside your parcel, and put Canada Comforts on the outside.

Marguerite Swallow 250-642-4354 Sylvia Hatfield 250-474-4614


VANCOUVER: Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House 604-879-8208
800 E. Broadway (1 block E. of Fraser St) contact, Nancy

N. VANCOUVER: North Shore Neighbourhood House 604-987-8138
225 E. 2nd Street.
Leave items in the laundry bag in the Exec. Director’s office

SURREY: Charlotte Phillips 604-531-8712
3838 156B St. (close to White Rock)

Elinore Redicopp 604-584-5421
11205 Lansdowne (just off Port Mann Bridge)
(Make sure you have your name attached to some of the items you have made. Elinore has so much to bring over, she doubles up parcels to make more room.)

**** note name change Coast Distributors contact Reese 604-345-0423
# 301- 9775 188St. (Port Kells area)
One operator Warehouse, you must phone Reese ahead of time.
(Reese will deliver to Vancouver Island)

DELTA: Manitoulin Transport contact Rose 604-415-9357
620 Aldford Ave
Items must be packed in boxes.
Outside of your box you MUST have Canada Comforts and Coast
Distributors, phone Reese 604-345-0423. Reese will pick up from
Manitoulin Transport and deliver to Vancouver Island.


– Boxes should only contain children’s items, blankets, wash cloth, fabric and knitting yarn
– Inside your box, please include your both names, phone #, and email if you have one.
– outside your box, please make sure you have Canada Comforts
– if dropping off at Delta, you MUST print “ phone Reese at 604 345 0423” on the outside of your box as well as printing “Canada Comforts”.

Canada Comforts Contacts
Marguerite Swallow Sec/Treas. 250-642-4354
Sylvia Hatfield President 250-474-4614