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Art of Yarn thanks all the knitters who generously donate hours of their time to make the lives of the less fortunate a little happier.  Also a big shout out of thanks to those of you who have donated yarn directly to the knitters or to us to pass forward to them.  Also the ladies at the Women’s Shelter Thrift Store deserve a big thanks.  Many ladies there donate their precious time to co-ordinate this charity and provide Canada Comforts with gently used children’s items that are in excess of what they have room for.

We also want to thank Coast Distributors in Lake Country to deliver all the donated items to Canada Comforts in Victoria.

I am enclosing an update from Canada Comforts to whom we direct any knitted goods or the wonderful gently used children’s items passed forward to us from the Women’s Shelter Thrift Store.

Also a update from The Compassionate Resource Warehouse who distributes the donated items to people in need.

We are so proud to live in a caring community full of people who share of their time and resources with others less fortunate.


Canada Comforts January 2016 Update:

Jan 2016 newsletter page 1

Jan 2016 newsletter page 2

Compassionate Resource Warehouse January 2016 Update:

CRW2016 Newsletter

Compassionate Resource Warehouse - January 2016

CRW2016 Newsletter_Page_2


Canada Comforts – July update from Art of Yarn

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Cute dolls made with love for needy children

People have been working hard making useful things such as clothing and blankets  or making things that will give a child a little fun!  Thank you again for your time, effort and expense of trying to make a difference in a life less fortunate.

We just delivered about 12 huge bags full of your donations to be sent to Canada Comforts.

Sylvia Hatfield the co-ordinator in Victoria for Canada Comforts has provided us with a quick update on what is happening with the donations.

"Summer is a busy one.  Medical supplies have left for Haiti.(An ambulance
was driven from Alberta to go into the container)  School supplies and desks
have just been sent to the Philippines.  Coming up is the Sudan, Zambia,
refugee camps in the Ukraine, Cuba and Uganda."

A special thanks to The Lady of Lourdes knitting group who faithfully bring in many wonderful knitted items, the ladies of Sandalwood for their constant efforts and beautiful creations and Janice who brings clothing that is not needed in our community.

I would like to also thank Coast Wholesale for trucking the donations to Victoria.  In the past we went to Vancouver Island regularly and would take them ourselves…(usually my husband Armand) but as we are not travelling there now Coast Wholesale will deliver them through their warehouse facilities in Kelowna, Vancouver and Vancouver Island and eventually to Canada Comforts.  Thanks for being so generous.

Regards to everyone

Sally Mahood