Big White – Free Hat Pattern

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Big White is a free hat pattern incorporating the fishermen’s rib stitch.  It makes a fun, slouchy hat that everyone will love. Download the free pattern here or in pdf below.
The fishermen’s rib creates a very bulky fabric with lots of stretch. You will love to wear this hat.
We knit our sample in Gloria by Manos Del Uruguay which is a super fine, washable merino yarn.

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Gloria by Manos Del Uruguay

Big White for all ages, cozy, soft and cute!

Big White

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Gloria – 1 ball Sampled in Hibisco G2101(Coral) and Vereda G2399 (Mint).
Tools: 4.00 & 5.00 mm circular needles (16” – 24”). DPNs for top in 5.00 mm; stitch marker, pompom maker, scissors & tapestry needle.
Pattern Stitch:
Round 1: Knit into the stitch below the next stitch on the needle and purl the next stitch.
Round 2: Purl through the bottom of the next purl stitch and knit the knit stitches as normal. (To purl into the stitch below, insert the needle held in the right hand into the back of the stitch below the next stitch and purl into it.)
Once you start it will come easily. You are ribbing but alternately knitting or purling into the stitch below. You can tell where you are by looking to see if there are 2 bars at the back or front.
Cast on 80 sts with smaller circular needles. Join in round placing marker. Knit in K1, P1 rib for 9 rows, slipping marker as you go.
Change to larger needles and begin pattern stitch. Work until work measures 8” from beginning.
Top Decrease:
Knit 2tog around. (40 sts)
Next round: Knit all stitches
Next round: Knit 2 tog around. (20 sts)
Next round: Knit all stitches
Next round: Knit 2tog around. (10 stitches)
Cut 10” tail and thread through all stitches and fasten off. Don’t cut the end as it can be used to fasten the pom pom.

Pom Pom:
I recommend using a large size pom pom maker. The pom pom will take all the remaining yarn left over from knitting the hat. The pom pom on the Hibisco hat was made using a Clover pom pom maker and the Vereda hat used a Pattiewack pom pom maker. Both are available at the shop. It would be equally nice to have a pom pom in a contrasting colour.
Once the pom pom is made fasten it on to the top of the hat.
Weave in the end at the beginning.

Big White

Happy Knitting from Sally and the gals from Art of Yarn

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