Review of Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Needles

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We have used and sold many different types of needles through the years;  we have found many that we liked and disliked.  Just like everything else there is no one needle that is perfect for everything, some are good at many types of knitting and some we should just get rid of.  We often help knitters who come in to the shop for assistance with a project that they are struggling with.  Often they are knitting with ancient hand me down needles that have cords that are unyielding and have a mind of their own.  Needles have come a long way just like the rest of technology and precision manufacturing.

Karbonz Limited Edition Gift Set of Interchangeble Tips


My view is that knitting is supposed to be pleasurable…we don’t have to knit.   We knit because we want to, why not make it the most satisfying and rewarding as possible by using quality tools and yarn.

This is a review of Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable needles which are one of the most popular in our store.  To my knowledge everyone who has tried these needles love them.   Occasionally a knitter will encounter a slight flaw but Knitter’s Pride guarantees their product so you can rest easy with the quality.

This is how the Knitter’s Pride needles work:  There are several types of tips, each made out of different material.  I will define the materials below.  The tips are available in many sizes with the exception of very small sizes which won’t support a cable joint.  The tips,which come in two lengths screw together with cables.  Each set of cables comes with end caps and a small pin that is used to tighten the hold of the join.  The end caps can be screwed onto either end of the cables so that you can use the cables to adapt your tips to work as single point needles or to use the cable as a stitch marker (great if you need a long stitch marker).  You could also adapt your tips and cables to work as double pointed needles by  using a tip at each end – useful if you are knitting a sweater in the round.  All the Knitter’s Pride products are available as individual pieces or you can purchase sets of several sizes.   They sets are available in complete size ranges, limited size ranges and choice of material and type of needles.  So many choices!  I will add some of the choices below.

The Knitter’s Pride tips are of made with several types of materials that provide different properties.  I know that some knitters have favourites but I use these tips also and I find that I like all of them and use the tip that suits what I am knitting (or possibly not is use).

Knitter’s Pride Deluxe Dreamz Set

Symphonie needles (as well as tips, there are straights, double points and crochet hooks also made this material)  are made from densified laminated birch wood. This material is more costly and much harder than either ebony or rosewood. Unlike in other wooden needles, water absorption in Symfonie wood needles is negligible and, as a result, there is no chance of warping. The same property makes these needles very strong, enables the points to be sharp and provides a lifetime of pleasurable use, if handled correctly. Please remember that all wooden needles in the lower ranges (2.0mm-3.5mm) should be treated with appropriate care.  The Symphonie needles come in some variations:
Dreamz: The Dreamz line of needles is offered in a full range of 11 radiant color.  A color has been assigned to each size and that color carries through in all the needle styles: straight, circular (fixed and interchangeable), double points and crochet hooks Imagine how this aids in organizing your collection. It also provides ease of identification for partially sighted knitting and/or crochet artists.
Cubics:  The Cubics are offered in rosewood textured densified laminated wood.  While needles in the Symfonie Dreamz line are available from 2.0 mm (US 0) to 15.0 mm (US 19). the Symfonie Cubics line consists of needles from  2.00 mm (US 0) to 8.00 mm (US 11).   The Cubics needles are measured diagonally and not across the square cross-section

Review of Symphonie Tips: These are my go to needles for every project.  I have the regular length tips (called Normal IC) and short tips in some sizes (called Special IC).  The short tips are good if you are knitting small projects in the round such as hats and are the only tips you can use with the 8″ cable which makes a 16″ needle.  I love the fact that they are colour coded so I can quickly see partners.  They hold together really well, and as long as you give them a tight twist with the pin which acts a lever when you screw the cable and tip together they won’t come apart when knitting.  Knitting with a sharper point is great for most knitting but I find that if I knit too much my left index finger starts to feel a little poked.  I must push the tip of the right hand needle with my left hand.  For the most part this isn’t an issue but depending on your knitting style it might be worrisome for extended knitting sessions.  The cubics needles have a great feel in your hand and are a refreshing change if you knit a lot.  Everyone who tries them loves them and knitters claim it helps their tension and well as being more comfortable.

Nova is name of the Knitter’s Pride line of metal needles.

Nova Deluxe Set
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They are made from hollow brass pipes which have been plated with high quality nickel.  This provides a smooth and satiny surface that allows stitches to move freely and quickly.  The Knitter’s Pride Nova needles are light in weight, durable and comfortable to the hand.   Needles in the Nova range are available from 2.0mm (US 0) – 15.0mm (US 19).

Review of Nova Tips:  The Nova line of needles has a much rounder tip and this might be of importance to you.  I love the lightness of the needles and they do knit quickly, although I find the Smphonie are so smooth that they are quick also.  I always use metal needles when I have using yarn that doesn’t have give (such as some cottons or linen) or that are sticky.  Yarns that are slippery I would not knit with these needles.  Try to match the properties of the yarn with the opposite properties of the needle.  Slippery yarn really slips of slippery needles…not a good thing.

Karbonz Tips:  These needles combine the premium quality of carbon fiber with perfectly shaped nickel plated brass tips.  Carbon Fiber is one of the most versatile materials used in modern times for use in aircrafts, automobiles, etc. and is ideal for knitting needles as it has a high tensile strength, is light weight and comes with a surface that offers excellent control over the stitches. This union of two revolutionary materials is guaranteed to provide an unparalleled knitting experience. Karbonz needles are available from 2.00mm(US 0) – 6.00mm (US 10)

Review of Karbonz Needles: These are wonderful needles to look at – they just look so well made and are wonderful to knit with.  

Karbonz IC Set
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They have a good tip – not too pointy or too blunt.  They are a little more expensive and you may have already amassed a fortune in needles of the same size.   At least they are worth having in your favourite size.  Of course, there is a wonderful Karbonz Limited Edition Set of interchangeable needles which might be just what you want to ask Santa for.

Cords with end caps and pin

Cords (Cables) and Accessories:  One of the most important features of interchangeable needles is how happily the cords join with the tips and how manageable they are to use.  The Knitter’s Pride Cables are great!  They join snuggly, and in my experience my stitches do not stick in the join.  Also the shape of the tips allows the stitches to move easily from the cable to the tip (this is a problem with some interchangeables).  The cords are very flexible and easy to work with.  The cords of many circulars are the bane of many of knitter.  The cables come in every size that you could ever need and there are also connector available if you want to extend your cable length.

That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoy your knitting experience.


Nova IC Tip

Cubic IC Set

Karbonz IC Tip 

Dreamz IC Tip